Thursday, January 14, 2010


I asked for a little length off and the hairdresser, who was extremly nice, cut off a lot.  It looks great, but I miss her ringlets!!  Hopefully when it gets just a little more length the ringlets will return.  It is definately still trying to curl, just too short for her large ringlets.  I am sad, I didn't want that much off.  But she won't let me put anything in her hair so we had to do something.  But oh I miss those ringlets.



 The last picture is how it initially looked and now it is laying more flat which gets me upset, it was so cute.  It is still cute and I will get used to it.  It is what my Mom has been wanting me to do!! So here you go Mom Mom!


mikki said...

I think it is absolutely really shows off the shape of her face and accents her eyes...obviously she likes it because the grin in the after photo says it all.

Vickie said...

Okay you will get over how short it is, trust me. And I can't get over how cute and older she looks. In fact she looks very much like Emmett to me! Give her a big hug and realize that kid's hair grows at twice the rate as ours!