Saturday, January 23, 2010

Diaper Review- Bumgenius 3.0

A review of Bumgenius 3.0.  If I do reviews of diapers sold at Diaper Junction I can get another entry into their giveaway.  But I am also doing this because I really want my sister in law to cloth diaper (I want to turn someone else to the cloth diapering world) and I think some reviews might explain the different diapers.  Celia has been daytrained for almost a year and I am almost sad that I have no reason to buy some cute diapers anymore however, I am searching sales to start up my sister-in-law!!  So periodically I might post some about specific diapers.

When I first started cloth diapering I researched it extensively, there are so many different options.  Getting into cloth diapering is expensive upfront so I didn't want to waste my money on things that don't work.  But honestly along the way you do have things that you don't like and then you just sell them for almost what you paid!  In anycase I got a thirsties fab fitted with a thirsties cover and then a 3 pack of BG-3.0. 

They are pocket diapers. 

Pocket diapers typically have a flap in the back that you stuff with a microfiber/hemp insert.  Bumgenius diapers come with an absorbant microfiber insert- a onesize insert and a smaller doubler/infant insert.  So after I wash them I sit on the couch while vegging and stuff diapers!  It isn't a big deal.  You have to take the insert out prior to washing them but I have never found it to be a big deal.  By having the insert removeable, it cuts drying time down.

The insert looks like the above and snaps for different sizes.  The bumgenius fits about 8lbs and up.  Celia started wearing bumgenius when she was likely around 12lbs and still can fit into them.   They have held up very well and they are by far my favorite diaper.  At night now Celia only wears bumgenius.  I packed the rest of her diapers away, and we rotate between about 10 bumgenius so that we don't wear them all out.  I probably own about 20 bumgenius, just guessing.  I bought quite a few so that I wouldn't have to worry about getting diapers washed and stuffed for daycare. 

They are super daddy, babysitter, and daycare friendly.  For daycare, I just sent them in and they put the dirty ones in a wetbag.  I then unstuffed them when I got home.  I made my own fleece liners to deal with the poop. 

You put them in by securing them just like a disposable diaper, but you are using velcro! 

Easy to use
Contain absolutely anything (trust me Celia has put them to the test)
One-size, truely one-size
Come in a variety of colors
Daddy friendly

Pricier then some diaper options (I have to add a but, they last through toddlerhood)
Have been told that the elastic wears out (not experienced this yet though and it can be replaced)
You have to stuff the inserts

Honestly I really love them.

Next review will be for a thirsties product.

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Susie said...

Thanks Carrie!

I took notes;) I will definitely try it, especially since Celia seemed to never have diaper rashes and I'm convinced cloth diapering is why. Thanks for the info!