Friday, January 1, 2010

How we spent the last day of 2009

He came to visit.  The dreaded stomach bug.  Around midnight, Thursday morning Celia started throwing up.  Then Pete followed a few hours later, and yes I followed a couple hours later.  Celia had about 4 rounds of throwing up and woke up like nothing happened.  She was hungry!  It would have been nice if that was how we recovered.  Pete was over the worst of things (no not over it, just the absolute kick you in the butt, drag you around by your hair part) by 9:00.  At that point I had been dealing with Celia while throwing up in the bathroom and trying to lie down.  The last straw for me happened when I was in the middle of a puke and Celia is trying to drag me away to let her know which shirt- among two choices- she should wear.  She did give up and then tried to put on one of the shirts and got caught in it.  So I screamed for Pete.  We switched off and on, with Pete more on- with Celia during the day.  Thankfully he was able to put her down for her nap and bedtime and feed her.  I took her a few times but as I was still throwing up until the afternoon and just not up to even moving at times, I was off duty for most of the day.  

So 2009 when out with a puking bang.  The bug hit quite a few- My mom, niece, and nephew too.  Today will only tell if my sister and brother in law were hit by it too.  I sure hope not.  This was absolutely awful.

So today we are in recovery, trying to clean up and do a little more with Celia.  Her freedom yesterday went to her head a bit unfortunately!

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