Sunday, March 1, 2009


The anticipation is killing me and I feel like I am 8. When I was in elementary (okay middle school and high school), I used to peek out my window a dozen times before a snow storm. It wasn't just the anticipation of a snow day, it was the thought of seeing snow. Admittedly I also enjoyed those days in which we would lose electricity and have to bundle underneath blankets. One of my favorite memories is the terrible ice storm we had. My Mom and I lost electricity for more then a day. we bundled underneath my Grandmother's hand tied quilt that weighs about 50 lbs. We used a fondue pot to cook soup and I made tea from warm tap water, that at that point tasted like boiling hot water to me. My inhaler froze in the night, that is how cold it was!! We put it under the quilt to warm it up. Our garage doors froze shut so we could not get our cars out even if we wanted to. We had other people invite us out but honestly we were having fun, at least I did. Of course when we saw the new neighborhood near us lit up, we became annoyed when we found out through the electric company that we were a "low priority" neighborhood. Hmm...

So this snow storm is going to be the most we have had in awhile (okay it is supposed to be, but it has yet to start snowing here so I am not that optimistic at this point). It isn't going to be a blizzard or an ice storm. I am going to jump up and down if we have a blizzard in the next few years. I love blizzards, one every 2 to 3 years is perfect.

So send happy snow thoughts my way. I want lots of the fluffy stuff. I want it packable enough to make a 3 tiered snowman. I wanted to form snowballs as round as a tennis ball. I want to have a snow day too.. Though, Celia already has one so I guess I am staying home whether I have off or not!

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Amy Mae said...

I hope you're having fun in the snow! It looks like you got your wish!