Sunday, March 29, 2009

Is it bad?

Is it bad that I read blogs about children that are Celia's age or a little older and compare her to them? Okay, no I don't really compare... I sit and think that my daughter is a genius because she can do so much more...

Is that so bad?

But she is a genius, right?? I know she must be.

Celia is speaking in 2 word sentences on a regular basis now, what 18 month old does that (okay so my friend Nicole's little boy was talking at 9 months but he too is a genius). She says "My Celia" or "Mine Celia", Hi ___, I sit chair, No, no, be nice. There are a list of phrases that she says. She even helped me read her "Monkey and Me" book today. She actualy said elephant, elephant- that is a hard word. Oh and the funniest thing now is that she is using "excuse me" appropriately and it is so cute.

The little genius still has some poopy trouble, not as bad. We are not sure what we are doing yet, might have to call in Grandpa to help out tomorrow. But I am hoping that either she is kicking this bug/ that she is getting used to the antibiotic. She is certainly in a good mood and she was hungry this morning. We have learned something through this- putting Ear drops in Celia's ear really, really, pisses her off. Oh and it pisses me off because the stupid bottle cost $30 and most of it drains right out of her ear no matter how long I hold her in the upright position like the directions suggest.

My two aunts are coming to visit Celia today, I am hoping that she turns on the charm.

Oh and my little genius doesn't just have brains, she has heart. She asks for hugs now all that time and according to her teachers she is the class comforter. When another student is upset Celia will give them a hug. So sweet.

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Hey your blog! I want to see more pix of Boo!