Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Nuss", Ankle Socks and Murder

Celia evidently wants to practice her sking. She was enjoying standing up on our stool and practicing her balance. So for the first time in Celia's short life, she only "Nuss"ed (nursed) 1x today! Am I weaning? Sort of. I have all along really wanted Celia to wean herself. I have been more then happy that we didn't stop at 1 year because a few times Celia would likely have had to take a trip to the ER for dehydration if she hadn't been nursing while sick. That alone makes me realize that at least for me, nursing was worth it!! But a few days ago I decided that it was time for me to get her down to 2x (in the morning and before bed) a day, or at least see if I could do it. So today she came home and really wanted to "nuss" but I talked her through it and I told her that we could do that after dinner. I expected her to ask after dinner, instead she asked to go upstairs. So we went upstairs, I read her a ton of books. We hugged and cuddled for a long time- no mention of "nuss". I put her in her crib and although she was pissed, she didn't ask. She didn't ask! So we will see if this is just a fluke.
Ankle Socks- I walked from my house today to get Celia at daycare. As I am walking, I looked down and noticed my socks. I had to buy some socks that came above my sneaker because I had a bloody mess after a training one weekend because my socks slipped below the sneaker. So I noticed that I was wearing capri length wind pants and these socks that looked a bit ridiculous. But they will have to look ridiculous. I am not exactly a fashion diva however socks are my thing. I have all different kinds of socks and typically I hate my socks to show above my sneaker. Somewhere along the way, function has become more important!
Murder you ask.
Our neighbor was smothered by her son on Monday. He was mentally ill and I had seen him around sometime, but never said a word for him. I had seen him running and honestly thought he lived somewhere else. His Mom was very nice but I only talked to her a couple times. So we really had no connections but it is scary. It is scary when it is so very close to your home. We have found out that he son threw a cement block in a police officer's car while the officer was in the car last week.
Today I saw friends and family going into the house, heads down, and not wanting to make eye contact. My heart hurt for them because they are going through a double loss. The son is going away for a very long time and his Mom is gone forever. I think there is a slight feel of shame in that kind of situation too. I just can't imagine it. I can't imagine what her last moments were like knowing that the person that she loved the most was doing that to her.
It also makes me think that really we don't know our neighbors. We didn't know them and they lived not too far at all from us, only a few doors away!
It is sad, very sad, our thoughts are with the family.
I also learned this week that my classroom may be moving. The commute will not be fun for me and I am bummed. Why can't things just be easy?? I don't plan on working full time if we have a second kid so maybe this is a sign, I don't know. I do know that I want to continue working with this group of kids and my assistant. So I will see it through I suppose for at least another school year.

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