Friday, March 27, 2009

I hate coupons and prayers still needed

The blogging world is still praying for baby Stellan. He is still in SVT and holding his own but right now they are likely going to have to go in a different direction of treating him. He has had some tricky moments and he is still very critical.

The coupons: I absolutely hate coupons, if you can get something cheap, then why not put them on sale. I know, too easy, too easy. It all has to be a stupid game. Actualy, it is a game to me to try to get our grocery bill as low as we can go. Pete doesn't quite understand it but he tries. He doesn't understand when I say, I am trying to get our grocery bill to x amount this week. He reasonably questions why, because the truth is- we can afford more. Right now I would like to get our grocery bill down to less then $300 a month. I have been doing that however we have had a pretty good supply in our freezer. Actualy, I am purging of things in our freezer. Stocking up is great, I did that when our local Acme closed. They had frozen veggies at a deep discount and so I stocked up. I then found myself still buying more that were on sale when I questioned why on earth I was doing that, we have to eat the veggies in the freezer. So we are eating our way through the frozen veggies. When we are out, then I will restock.

Here was my thoughts on restocking, I will start early and search for coupons. So I started searching online. A few sites make you download their coupon reader/software, others make you sign up for them to send them you emails, others you have to register. Just give me the stinkin coupon and call it a day. I hate them.

I do meal plan 2 to 3 weeks in advance which really helps our budget. Pete doesn't fully understand that either. I think he wants things to be a little bit more spontaneous but that doesn't work for budgeting. I do freeze alot that I make which really helps with the budget and time. I love looking at my freezer and realizing that I had forgotten I made that, etc. Right now I need to get out my ground turkey recipes as I have a ton in the freezer. I couldn't pass up the 1 1b packages for 1.99 with 30% off when the Acme was closing.

Celia Update- My poor little girl is sick, yet again. This is what daycare does, I know. She doesn't seem to be able to kick ear infections lately. She started getting them in January. The pediatrician told me that he really only thinks she has had two. She got one with RSV in January, 2 days after stopping the antibiotic she had a fever and I took her back to the doctor. Her ears were infected. The doctor thought that the antibiotic never really worked because it was so close. The same thing happened this month. At her 18 month check up her ears were found to be infected and now her left ear is infected again. The doctor doesn't think that it was ever cleared up. So she just has stubborn ear infections. So we have April, May, and June to get through. Please prayer for no more ear infections. Oh and we think she has the stomach bug. After her doctor's appointment yesterday I took her to daycare and before I left she started to throw up! So I took her home and she started with diarrhea in the evening. Prior to the diarrhea she showed no signs of being sick. Her antibiotic has that as the number one side effect for children under age 2 because the antibiotic is not intended for children under age 2... But that is what was prescribed. In anycase though her appetite is decreased and she doesn't have quite as much energy so who knows... Antibiotic or stomach flu (it is going around her daycare).

The good news about daycare- she is less likely to get leukemia and asthma. Of course this question the positive effects of breastfeeding, does it really protect them so much?? Granted she really hasn't gotten all of the colds that have been spread around, but still. You would think that since she is the only one in the room who is still nursing, actualy that I think was breastfeed, she would be the most healthy.

On the bright side she is talking more then ever, even phrases. She has perfected mine, I am not appreciating that word at all.

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Amy Mae said...

Henry just learned how to say mine not too long ago - drives me crazy. Especially when he and Keith are yelling 'mine' at each other. I hope Celia is feeling better!!!