Monday, March 23, 2009


I will not be doing a "Not Me Monday" today. Please visit MckMamma's site. Please see the link on the side of my blog for "MckMiracle" or go to Stellen is very sick. He was the baby that I think I mentioned in which he was not supposed to survive during his Mom's pregnancy. He was born completely healthy with just a suspected possible risk of SVT (extremly high heartrate). Well Stellen was having difficulty with a virus and was given one too many nebulizer treatments by an ER doctor and it set his heart into SVT. They have tried many things at this point and nothing has worked. He is 4 months old and was predicted to never make it through pregnancy. His story is miraculous and MckMamma's blog is inspiring.

I am not very religious however alot of blogs that I visit are and it has really made me think more about spirituality.

So say a little prayer for a sweet 4 month old that he will show us another miracle. I read blogs like they are novels and I am praying for only happy endings in this novel.

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