Sunday, February 22, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Here we go again. Pete says this is cheesy, I like Not Me Monday

I most certainly was not mistaken for a homeless woman by a volunteer for the woman's shelter being held from 7 pm to 6 am at my daughter's daycare, no not me. I am so made up and have the most up to date shoes that there is no way I would ever be mistaken for a homeless person. I did not answer the volunteer in a snobby tone, "no I am a parent of a child at the daycare". I most certainly wouldn't have been mistaken for a homeless person because I had the most scuffed shoes on ever seen, okay ever seen except for me until the middle of the school day. I most certainly didn't almost make us late for dinner on Sat polishing those same shoes. Nope not me. Oh and I really did not play up the homeless image by visiting Goodwill after work and purchasing 3 items, all for a total under $10. No I of course got those 2 Ann Taylor Loft and 1 Express item at the mall. I certainly wasn't giddy with excitement and anticipating my next visit to Goodwill after I left. Oh and my husband definately didn't comment that he liked one of those fabulous bargains the next day, making me even more giddy.

I certainly didn't pick the one night in which Celia didn't pee until the early morning to wake her up to change her diaper at 10 and 2:30 so that she could get over this awful teething/ remainings of a reaction from a disposable diaper rash. No not me. I certainly didn't feel a bit of revenge when I woke her up each time for all those sleepless nights in which she woke me up, no not me. I would never feel that.

Oh and I really didn't get overly excited when I found a box of feminine neccessities on sale, 50% plus %50 at our Acme that is going out of business even though it is not a frequent need of mine (not going to explain that). I definately didn't say "Oh wow" when I found them for an 1/8th of their typical price, causing a male store employee to look up like I was insane. Oh I really am not insane. I didn't almost tear up as I was walking through the empty aisles of my favorite grocery store. I certainly wasn't thinking of the times that Celia's shoes dropped on the aisle floor, our friendly pharmacist, and Celia hanging out in my moby wrap while shopping. I wasn't thinking about that, sniff, sniff.

I certainly didn't clean the kitchen like a mad woman even though I feel crummy and have no voice then harbor resentment for it. Even though it likely didn't have to be done then. I certainly didn't do that. I certainly didn't wish on more then one occassion this weekend that I could be male so that I could actualy have a sick day. Nope not me. My daughter was certainly not the cutest and best behaved little girl this weekend, making being sick alot easier. No she was a complete terror. She certainly didn't occupy her self for over an hour on Sunday leaving me no room for complaint as far as rest goes. No she was overly demanding.

I certainly am not doing "Not Me Monday" to avoid getting work done, no.. I never procrastinate.

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Amy Mae said...

HA! A homeless person! That made me laugh! Happy Monday :)