Saturday, March 21, 2009

Celia's Story

Let me tell you what happened this morning, you are not going to believe it.

I was sitting in my carseat, jammin to my tunes. My Mom stopped the car and informed me that we were going to get my hair cut. This was my reaction. I like my hair, I thought it was fine the way it was. I prefer the hippy, shaggy dog look. I also didn't think she was serious, cut my hair, yeah right!! But we went inside a place called Snipits.

Guess what??? She was serious and when the lady came at me with the scissors, I reacted sort of like this. I asked for lots of hugs and kept telling them "all done" but they apparently didn't hear me.

So here I am again, jammin to my tunes in the carseat with my short new hair. Can you believe how much they took off?? I am surprised they didn't take off my ear. In anycase they gave me this ticket ot put in this very noisy machine that popped out this tiny rubber ducky. So I sacrifice my hair and risk my life and all I get is a rubber ducky. My Mom and the lady who chopped my hair seemed excited about it. I put it in my pocket with my truck and everything was cool.
We came back and ate lunch. Mom gave me my favorite chicken apple sausage so that makes up for the hair butchering slightly. My Mom took a bunch of pictures, trying to convince me that it looks really cute.

I spent some time cleaning the windows with cheese, that works right?? Smeared cheese does wonders for the windows.

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