Sunday, April 5, 2009

Visits from Great Aunts

Celia's Great Aunts came to visit her last weekend. I am sorry that some of the photos are so small! She had a blast with Aunt Eleanor and Aunt Arsie. It was really great seeing them and we really don't get to visit with them nearly enough. Both of them were a great part of my childhood and I am hope that Celia can see them from time to time as she grows. We were able to get the address of Cousin Mikki's website so check it out on my blog list. Celia was very shy for a good part of their visit and then she really opened up. Aunt Arsie was able to see Celia wagging her finger at a dog barking and saying "no, no, be nice". She does that to me too. In fact she has taken my chin and wagged her finger at me to say no.

So here Mom, here is proof that they were actualy here!! We enjoyed the visit. Perhaps Celia and I will have to make a trip to see Aunt Eleanor this summer and the Brandywine zoo nearby!!

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