Monday, July 7, 2008


I haven't been able to blong in a bit because of our special visitor. This is the third summer that we have had a visit from my niece Katie. It was a bit different this year because she had to share attention with her cousin Celia. I don't think she has enjoyed sharing the attention. She is used to Pete and I playing with her constantly and taking her various places. Katie and I have had some alone time together and Pete has stayed home with Celia. Unfortunately for Pete he had some time off from work and I think he expected that it would be a "vacation", not time spent lifeguarding at an active 10 month old!! I do feel bad for him (okay just only a little) because I know that he does work very hard and days off don't happen that often. But he survived and he even managed to get in at least 2 naps daily (so did Celia).
Pete was not used to Katie. My niece is very sweet however she is slightly high maintenance (some would disagree with the slightly). Honestly I think this makes for a more interesting kid and I think her spunk has gotten her through alot of things. Pete was a bit disturbed by the fact that I acted similar to Katie as a child. My Mom brought Katie here on Monday and for some reason, once Mom left on Wednesday Katie was a much better behaved child. I think that Mom and Katie had just spent too much time together. I also think that Katie wanted the time "all by herself".
We took Katie to the crayola factory on Wednesday and that was not a big hit- with any of us!! If you don't want to sit and do craft, after craft, after craft- I don't reccommend it!! There are some great freebies there though. Admission to the factory gets you into the Canal museum which was a big hit with us all (okay Celia wasn't that impressed). Katie was able to float a boat across an entire room and open and close aquaducts. Normally, Katie struggles some with following directions. But she paid attention to the museum worker's instructions and knew exactly what to do. I was very impressed.
Katie and I went to Moonbounce on Thursday and that is a great place. It is this warehouse with about 5 air filled moon bounce slides and obstacle courses. You pay a fee just for kids ages 2 and older, there are no fees for adults. Basically the kids run around, get tired and have a blast. I love that place.. When we came home Katie ate lunch and said she wanted to go to her room for a nap. She took an hour nap.
So some of the funny things this weekend.
Katie saying "This blows" when she literally meant that she could blow into a toy. Katie putting her shoes on backwards, arguing with Pete that they are fine, then fixing them when I made one comment.
This morning Katie got really ticked at me. She came down the stairs, frowning. I was told that I was supposed to invite her out of her room in the morning. I did not know that. I didn't even hear her. So she spent a few minutes sulking. Next time I guess I will slip an invitation under her door.
Oh and one conversation. Katie insisted that "Mom Mom" has lots of sleep overs at her house. I don't know where this came from but I was told that she has lots of sleep overs with boys, and sometimes girls. Hmmm, something you want to tell us Mom. Okay so she also told me that Emmett does too.

We saw Wall-E yesterday with our neighbors. Katie has become very good friends with our neighbor's 6 year old daughter. I think that Katie is border line obsessed with the child though. It is probably typical 5 year old behavior behavior but each day I heard. Are we going to see Harper?? (Name changed and I am not kidding but this is the name that Katie called the little girl, even though her name is not even close to Harper or Campbell, the other name Katie chose). Are we? Are we? If I said yes. It was when? Can we go now? Is it time yet? I am going now. Can't we go now? Why not? Now? Now? Now? Now?
This week was made worse by Celia's sudden refusal to sleep through the night as she has been for nearly 2 months and my return of insomnia. Last night- 4hrs of sleep. Katie is an amazing sleeper at least!!

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