Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blessings and blogs

So today was a really rough day and I got so frustrated at Celia. She is such a good baby and typically plays very well by herself- I often join her too!! So I thought that when I walked into the kitchen to make lunch and discovered that ants were enjoying our entire kitchen for their lunch that she would allow me some time to deal with that. I blocked off the kitchen, set her up with her favorite toys and went into the kitchen to deal with my new "friends". However Celia had other ideas, she crawled to the chairs blocking the door way, pushed them aside and was on her way into the kitchen. So I picked her up, gave her some different toys and went back to the kitchen. I propped the chairs so she couldn't move them and she crawled over to watch. When she discovered she couldn't actualy enter the kitchen, she was hysterical. There wasn't much that I could do to help her. The kitchen that I do clean very often and that was ant free in the morning was now crawling with them. I had to spray, I couldn't avoid it, and she couldn't enter. So the poor girl screamed, big tears fell, and her nose ran (her nose never runs). It was very pitiful. Her eyes were so red.
In anycase I was very frustrated with her, but of course felt very bad for her!! So some other highlights of my bad day were finding out that the paint color for my room wasn't exactly what I had in mind. I painted part of the room and don't know what to do now. Oh and a position I was looking at- 3 1/2 days a week at Great Valley School District is officialy not an option as the personnel person made it very clear that they do not hire teachers with "just a special education degree".
That all said I sat down after painting my room to have some down time and read some blogs, a favorite past time of mine. My favorites are Confessions of a CF Husband and The Meanist Mom, both of which I have had links to on my blog for awhile. Well on the CF Husband one today it was asking that if anyone had mentioned their journey in their blog, to leave the link in the comments on their blog. So I thought, I have had a link but I have never mentioned it. I titled this post blessings because I thought about all the petty annoyances of the day and honestly they don't compare to what they have been through so I will give a little synopsis.

CF is for Cystic Fibrosis and the CF Husband's Wife has CF (okay so most people could figure that out). In anycase she was about to go through physical therapy to prepare her for a lung transplant when they found out that she (Tricia) was pregnant. Despite encouragement to end the pregnancy, they decided they couldn't do that. So Tricia went through with her pregnancy at 24 weeks her little baby had to be delivered to save both of their lives. Gwyneth is now 6 months old and I believe weighs just over 7 lbs, maybe more. She is a fighter and so cute. Her Mom is doing well, she had a lung transplant shortly after Gwyneth was born. Unfortunately she missed alot of time with Gwyneth which is very unfair. In anycase Tricia does have a form of cancer that is a complication from the lung transplant. She is expected to fully recover from it but has to undergo treatments. They are both home and live in the OBX. In anycase, please check out the website as it really is a neat blog. The pictures are so wonderful and their journey is amazing.

As for the Meanist Mom, well she makes me laugh almost everyday. You have got to check out her favorite posts, they are hilarious.

Okay enough for now