Thursday, July 31, 2008

The many uses of the Deck and etc

You wouldn't think that tomatoes and diapers go together, would you?? Well I have used the deck more this year then I ever have. I have been trying to conserve some energy by drying my diapers out on our deck. I think that I am going to give that up though. Since I can not string a clothesline out there I must lay them flat, they do not dry very fast that way. The one I have laying on Pete's grill is a dream eze fitted that is super heavy, it has 2 hemp soakers I believe. Hemp is heavy. Her bamboo diaper is another stubborn drying one. But I don't think my homeowners association would be too pleased to see a clothesline full of diapers...
In anycase the other pictures, Pete's pride and joy. He has been very carefully and faithfully taking care of his "orange" tree and his tomato plants. Yesterday we both savored his first harvest. It was a very sweet tomato, it tasted so good!! I have started watering them during the day and when Pete comes home he checks my work. Right before dinner he walks out to check his crops, I often wonder if he is talking to them as he spends quite some time with each plant. His "orange" tree is in quotes because we are fairly positive it is actualy not an orange tree, it has thorns and has not fruit. I think it is over 4 years old and really should be producing fruit at this point. So perhaps he got scammed, but it has grown well.
So speaking of scams, I discovered today that I was scammed. You will never guess what I was scammed on, a cloth diaper!!! In February I bought a fuzzi bunz from a Mom that I thought was a true fuzzi bunz. It has a similar tag and appeared to be the real thing. I haven't been able to get the fit right on Celia so I decided that it just wasn't the right diaper for her and I was going to try to sell it. Well I posted it this morning on the Thursday diaper swap on Baby Center. Thank goodness a Mom emailed me to let me know that I might have a fake one. So I researched it and sure thing, it is a fake!! The diaper works but it just isn't a very good quality. I could sell it very cheap, and at some point I might, but how ridiculous. Someone is out there creating knock offs. I will say, you never want to buy work at home mom diapers on ebay either. Many, many, many Moms have been scammed on ebay that way. Some get diapers that are actualy made with shower curtains or vinyl tablecloth material (they don't hold up in the wash of course). It is like the on the street vendors who sell you fake designer purses. So keep your eye out if you see a guy flip is jacket open and instead of watches, it is lined with cloth diapers.... Oh I did email the person who i bought it from and am waiting to hear back.

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