Monday, July 14, 2008

Wii fit- Carrie Rocks

Pete celebrated his birthday last week and he received some Best Buy Gift Certificates. We intended these Gift Cards for the purchase of Wii fit. However Pete wanted Guitar Hero. I was unable to find Wii fit anywhere and that is why he received Gift Cards. I was bummed when he announced an hour after receiving the Cards that he was off to Best Buy to buy Guitar hero. Luck was on my side- a shipment of Wii fits had just come into Best Buy!! So Pete was able to buy Guitar Hero and Wii fit. I never thought that I would enjoy Wii fit that much. I like the Wii but my attention span for it is short so I usualy get tired of it fairly quickly.

So we set up Wii fit and Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero makes me yawn but Pete likes it and is evidently getting very good at it. He beat the devil, don't know what that means, but he was excited about it. Well, I am awesome at some parts of Wii fit. I can hula hoop like crazy- 778 spins currently!! Pete just recently was able to compete with me in the sport slightly. Actualy, I am thinking about getting myself a real hula hoop as I actualy feel my abs getting stronger from the game. But I suppose it would look a little odd for a 31 year old to be hula hooping. I could do it in the front lawn and totally embarass Pete, hmm... Pete loves to watch me try the soccer game. The goal is to move your body in the direction of soccer balls being thrown at you so that you can hit them with your head. However they also throw shoes and panda heads at you, which you don't want to hit. I am very good at hitting the shoes and panda heads and Pete finds this hilarious. He is sick. My poor Me (character on Wii) has an awful headache, possibly a concussion after playing this game. He should not find that funny...

I am actualy very proud of Pete this weekend. I admit I have neglected cleaning for the past week or so due to various reasons (I picked up and took care of things but didn't do the all out cleaning that I usualy do). So I warned Pete that on Saturday i needed alot of help. He didn't argue and he cleaned 3 bathrooms, swept and mopped the kitchen, and helped with laundry. It was so much help. Don't worry, I wasn't sitting back while he did it! I vacummed, cleaned kitchen, etc. On Sunday I was able to paint our powder room in probably less then 90 min. of work.

Celia is very much into imitating us lately- both with her actions and verbally. She is now saying "uh oh". It is so cute. She has been making is a bit sleep deprived until the past few nights. We think she is finally getting back on track. We were getting her everytime she made a peep while Katie was here. She really liked that idea. Well last night she slept from 7:30 to 6, perfect!! Evidently she was still sleepy because at 10 of 8, she started to drain!

Okay I will post something more exciting later in the week.

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