Friday, June 27, 2008

The package

So some of you might know that I am a bit paranoid about my sweet but small house. I want to stay in this house for many years as we have gotten to know some of our neighbors and it is just a nice place. That means no clutter, hoarding of things, or big objects. Pete called me earlier this week and said, "Did the mail come?" I said yes. "Anything special come?". No sweety, why? "Oh, well Jude is sending Celia something. He is excited about it and it was custom made". Okay.. So not even 5 min. later a Fed Ex guy pulls up with a box almost the size of a refrigerator. At this point I am cursing Jude. Doesn't he know we have a tiny house, what on earth is this. So I open the box and in it, thank goodness, is mainly padding. But the object did take up some space, it was a rocking horse. It is a pretty rocking horse and I suppose that if Celia is going to get any kind of big object, this would be a good choice. It will eventualy make a very good addition to her room. When she is old enough she will love to play on it.

Celia's reaction was not that great. Her immediate impression was one of terror. She started her semi growling/grunting in fear, as if this thing was alive. Finally when I let her pet the yarn hair and sit on it, she decided he was okay. She does like to sit and rock on it now. But mainly she likes to stand near him. So thank you Jude for the very sweet and pretty gift. I love the hand painted flowers on the runner.

As for Celia, Pete and I have discovered that she really can stand completely on her own- she is just scared. Both of us have witnessed her standing without anything when she doesn't realize it. When she realizes it, she drops to the ground. We can put our pinky finger up to her and she will stand for a long time, as long as she sees that little finger "holding her up". She has even started walking at times with only holding one of my hands, or just a couple fingers. So where does my daughter get her fear from?? I don't know. But she is cute. Speaking of her, she is waking up from her nap, so I better end this.

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