Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Celia's Birthday Bash

I will try to add to this as Celia shares items with me.

Baby Legs- She wants some neutral colors and some funky ones. Some places to find them- (free shipping),, and all have them. Knock offs are very welcome.

Bath toys- she currently is playing with 5 rubber duckies, as I think Pete believes that you only play with rubber duckies in the tub

Knob Puzzles- the big kind

Blocks/ Mega Blocs

Shape Sorter

Musical Instruments- reccommended by a friend, but Celia loves Maracas. The Parents Bee Bop Band Set was suggested but it is pricey so again, knock offs welcome!!

Cars that she can push, but big enough not to be put in her mouth. She loves pushing some of her friend's cars at the breastfeeding group I go to.

Bumkins Superbib- you can get them at a variety of places, does have them.

Books- she likes the touch and feel books right now and the David Shannon Books (we have Oops, Good Boy Fergus, and Alice the Fairy). She does not want the plush "David" doll as it is creepy looking- her words, not mine.

Okay I will add as she tells me. She did tell me that we are being overrun by stuffties and so she requests that the stuffed animal population be kept to a minimum, otherwise, well we may have to do something to control the breeding..

Celia also reminds everyone that we are a non materialistic family for the most part with a small house and so small gifts are welcome, hand made gifts are awesome, and eco friendly gifts (good quality reused gifts) are also wonderful. Celia is already a bargain baby hunter (again her words, not mine)

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