Monday, December 30, 2013

My new camera

I recently put together our 2013 photo album.  Please don't get all impressed over the fact that I made a 2013 photo album already, I missing the years 2009 to 2012 ….  The stars just aligned this year to help me get the motivation to make it.  I was a bit upset over the small amount of photos that I could use.  Our cameras stink.  Okay for our better camera, it is partially the user fault.   Since I have gotten my iPhone 5s, more photos have been taken and I will have to give apple credit, the camera is not 1/2 bad.  But I wanted something to take some really great pictures.  I have always wanted a Canon Rebel and this year Pete decided that would be my gift.  We do not always exchange big gifts for Christmas and we waited until we could find one on sale.  It is the basic model but honestly when you are getting a basic Canon Rebel, that still means you are getting a superior camera.   I don't have a camera bag yet so it is staying at home for the time being but I have had some fun with it.  I have to say, even the bad photos are better photos then I have taken in awhile.  Our previous good camera though I will have to say took amazing photos outdoors.  I am really excited to try the Canon outdoors.

This last photo was not the best, I am still learning and it was really bad lighting but I had to share it because you need to look at the white and orange kitty.  We call this dead kitty or floppy kitty because when she carries it around it usually flops to the side as if it was a dead kitty, honestly.  Well I am looking at the photo and thinking it looks like decapitated kitty in this picture.  Oh and least you think think she does not sleep with enough kitties, in the back ground is a rolled up puppy blanket and around her is a fluffy bunny, audrey bunny, puppy, turtle, doll, brown larger kitty, hello kitty, and I am sure I am forgetting 1/2 a dozen other creatures…  If one is missing, she knows it.   I am now forbidding anyone to give her another stuffed animal.  There is no more room in her bed. 

I used portrait mode on this one and the back is supposed to be blurred.  Cecelia argued over and over that this was not the case, I think she is definitely the center of attention in that photo.  Hmm…. maybe not just the photo!!

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