Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Yori's Bakery

This Bakery does not even know I am posting this but I thought it would be fun to show
a place that the girls liked to visit in our town.  We like to support local businesses.

Celia was actually the one that thought about it.
She said, Mommy, take some pictures for the blog.

Every time we go into Yoris, Audrey tries to get me to 
buy one thing for her.
I have yet to cave in to her need to eat cookie monster or elmo
but we love looking at them.
These are some of the pastries.
Pete likes the cannolies
We typically get the girls small cookies.
I like their small butter cookies with a caramel drop on top.
Food in general makes Audrey happy.
Mommy refusing to carry her the 5 feet to the car makes her not so happy.

We have heard that their pies and cakes to order are great.
So if you are local, stop in and support Yoris. 
I love the fact that we can just pop in and grab a small cookie very 
inexpensively.  Better then having a whole box at home!

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