Thursday, January 2, 2014


Our Year in Review

Drug the girls in the cold to Tyler in January
Enjoying days with no school or work for Mom
We got our one bigger snowfall during the winter of 2013


Enjoying Longwood.  The girls discovered that they love sitting smooshed up
together in the Longwood strollers!

We had a great Valentines day.  We made our own Valentine this year.
The girls and I got into Science Experiments and some sensory play this month.
We found out that although Audrey does not like to get her hands dirty, painting her tummy and body is A-Ok.


The beginning of the month brought a horrible illness for me.  I think that since Pete and I have been married, I have not been that sick.  We made it through though and Pete was Mr. Mom for about 4 days, we all survived!

We had wars over icepacks.  Yep, the girls had all out arguments over who got to play with that one specific ice pack.  I still do not get it.

We had some fun at Longwood and my Mom came for a visit


Oh this month was sad.  We lost Granny.

We also went to Virginia to spend some time with my Mom, my sister, my niece and nephew
These are pictures at the Science Museum
I think Audrey is carrying around a cat, that hasn't changed!

Celia participated in the Healthy Running Kids Series
 Audrey went to the dentist for the first time

Mornings are just a party full of fun at our house.
No I documented this because of Audrey's typical wild hair and usually she is the grumpy one.
No one can "wook" at her or talk to her- except Mommy.
Celia got her medal for the Healthy Running Kids Series 
I got my medal from the Wilmington 1/2 marathon that I race walked.
They are just really cute.  Audrey finds her voice a bit more and sticks up for herself when she is with Celia.  She is still calling her Boo this month

We visited Aunt Susie, Uncle Jon, and Cole in Ligonier at the beginning of the month
It was a lot of fun!
My Baby graduated from Pre-K this month
We welcomed Katie for a week.  Really, Katie we honestly anticipate your 
visit starting in the Spring and the summer seems to fall in line with
"before Katie came" and "after Katie came".  Feel very important.

Celia did lesson team at our swim club.  It was the first summer we joined a swim club.
We loved the pool!

We had fun in the pool
 The girls and I had fun at our friends beach house

I worked for the first time in a long time this summer, it was actually ok!
There was also another summer of Vacation Bible School which Celia loved.


The beach, August will always be for the beach!
Grandma and Grandpa joined us this year which was a surprise for the girls!


She turned 6, she went to Kindergarten.

 Her first kid party
 She was happy, we celebrate that always!

Discovered Audrey loved a local Natural History Museum
 Celia is my little scholar, showing off projects from school
 Halloween- Sofia the First and Cinderalla
 Fun trip to the Science Factory and then to Grandma and Grandpas house for a visit

Guess who turned 3!!
 She did a great job in her Thanksgiving show
 Celia had a great time on Grandparents day and looked so cute in her uniform
 She still wears the crown

Celia let me put her hair up.
Folks, it is a moment in time, it never happens, so I had to add that in here
 Christmas morning was a hit

The girls though were most excited about spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's house.
Honestly, they would have given up some of their gifts.

Oh we had our first snowfall too.  A big celebration as the white stuff has been absent for awhile around here!

Here's to an amazing 2014

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Diana Lesjak said...

Loved your look back~ so sweet to see how the girls have grown over the year! Wishing for summer after seeing the swimming pictures~ It's cold here in Ohio!