Sunday, December 15, 2013

Pete's Christmas Party

So Pete's Company puts on this incredible Christmas party every year.
We really take it for granted that we never have to wait in line at the mall to see Santa.
He comes to his company and provides free photos, gifts, and entertainment.
The balloon animal makers are always a hit (yes I said that in plural, there were 3)

The kids wanted their face painted but we could not locate it.
There was a face painter as we saw several kids with their faces decked out.
But we found the glitter painting.

Celia was not feeling well, she had been up for 24 hours from coughing

She got a unicorn tattoo 
Audrey had a flower bunch
The tattoos are still thriving nearly a week later!

So we do really enjoy the dance party, candy center, face painting, balloon making, snacks, Santa, and crafts!!  Basically the Christmas carnival that is awesome.  I should mention that they have staff members host kids from lower income families.

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