Monday, December 2, 2013

Audrey At Age 3

We call you diva sometimes because you change clothes at least 3 times a day.  You need to wear pjs at nap time, but never the same pjs you wore at night.  Then when you wake up you need to wear a different set of clothes, never the ones you had on in the morning.  When you wake up you often know exactly what you are going to wear as if you have been laying in bed the whole time thinking about it!

A year ago you were painfully shy.  It was obvious that there was nothing you could do about it, you just were so shy that you rarely made a sound when you were around people that you did not know extremely well.  Now you are still shy when meeting new people however you warm up much faster.  You like to stay near me (Mom) but hey I am a very likeable person so who can blame you!!  Your favorite person in the world and your ultimate best friend is Celia.  I think she feels the same way.  In fact this past Sunday the youth pastor at our church said to me that she has never ever known two sisters who were as loving as you and Celia.  She also commented on how well behaved you and big sis were.  Daddy and Mommy could not be more proud Miss. Audrey.  That is reported to us over and over again.

The "meow meow" obsession continues and is maybe more pronounced now??  "Meow Meow" cupcakes were gladly eaten on your birthday.

You love playing with your little figures, building with various items, painting, iPad time, playing outside, soccer shots, dressing up, playing with Celia, and just a lot of pretend play.  Oh and you also love to cook with Mommy.  You love to climb all over Daddy.  You love to read stories and you also love visiting the library.  Your current favorite place to visit is the Delaware Natural History Museum.  Ultimately though you do love to just hang out at home and that is okay too!!

Oh and your biggest accomplishment recently is that we are 100% diaper free!  No more night time diapers.  You of course have not needed them during the day since you were 18 months. Mommy feels weird not having diapers to wash (a good weird, no worries there).

Your stats at the GI doctor's office (which Mommy trusts the most) were 30.8 lbs and 36. 2 inches.  You are basically the same height as Celia at age 3 but you way a little bit less which is odd because you eat 5x as much as she did!! You are a fabulous eater- favorite foods include tuna fish, grapes, spaghetti, salad,stuffed shells, taco soup, naked juice green smoothie, and "soup" (rice crispies cereal).

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