Friday, December 6, 2013

This is why we do not pay for professional photos

If she was sitting nicely her tongue would have been out
Or the other one would be pouting
That is how we roll around here.

Take for instance, my attempt at the beach to get a wonderful photo
of the girls in their matching Lands End suits


They are cute though

The oldest one is on my list today.  She woke up at 1:45 am and informed us that she was no longer tired and could she play in her room.  It was a long hour ordeal and this morning was interesting with parents as zombies and said 6 year old pressing Audrey's buttons every few seconds.  

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Stacey Nicole said...

Oh yeah, we don't do professional photos either. I do get good captures of the boys, but usually only when they aren't being forced to have their photo taken. Our family is large -- my husband, me, my two grown step-daughters, their children (4y, 2.5y, and 7 months), and then our boys, ages 5y and 3y -- and trying to get everyone to look decent for our Christmas card photo this year was next to impossible. I usually don't photoshop photos, but I had to photoshop the head of one kid from one photo to another, as there was only one out of over thirty photos (taken with my camera by my dad) where the majority of us looked normal ... and he had a pissed off look. *sigh* Sometimes I feel like giving up trying to capture family moments.