Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Pictures

Pete's Company throws a big children's christmas party every year and they have a photographer for Santa pictures and a family picture.

They turned out okay, except for Audrey chickening out of sitting near Santa.  Poor Girl was confident that she would sit on Santas lap and ask him for hello kitty jammies.  She did ask him for the jammies from a distance.  Celia was fine.  We are lucky Celia is still in the stage where she does not have a long list of "wants" for Christmas and only asked Santa for Hallie, which she got!  Santa gives them a small gift at the party.  Celia got Hallie from Doc McStuffins and Audrey got Stuffy from Doc.

Oh and here is the best pictures from our Church advent festival

And yes almost a year later, I feel so blessed that I am posting photos of my little girls.  Our thoughts and prayers for the friends and families that lived through that horrible day.

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