Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Two Star Dress

So one or two times a year at Celia's school she has to wear 2 star dress.  This means a uniform.  Quite honestly I am 100% okay with uniforms however it would be nicer if it was an every day event rather then once or twice a year.  Thankfully I had a friend who gave us the skirt, the shirt was $1 on clearance somewhere, lands end sweater was $2, tights were $3 and I forget what the shoes were but you get the picture- it was not all that pricey!!

Celia was about as adorable as you get.  I told her that I wanted to take her on errands with me after school just because I wanted to walk around with a cute little Quaker school girl.  She was not amused. She also thought I was kidding, I was (okay if she said yes I would have found some errands to run).

Her little sister had her Thanksgiving show at the same time as Celia's 2 Star Dress event- it was Grandparents day at Celia's school.  So Celia got to hog Mom Mom for the event.

This is what Audrey looked like for her school's dress code

My little Native American!  Interestingly, I missed Celia's show in the same classroom (still the same amazing teacher!!) 3 years ago because I was giving birth to this little peanut.  Glad I got to see the costume.  

Happy Thanksgiving from our little Culturally Diverse House Hold (you know the Quakers and the Native Americans)

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