Sunday, March 3, 2013


So almost 2 weeks ago I started feeling like I was getting a cold and that Tuesday evening I had a lot of sinus pressure. By Thursday I was not feeling amazing and by Thursday evening I was shaking and had a 104 temp. Pete was convinced I had the flu, I did not think it made sense. When you have the flu it does not arrive a few days after your symptoms start. So I dragged myself to the doctor and she diagnosed me with a very severe sinus infection secondary to whatever virus/cold I picked up. I went back home and stayed there until Monday. I ventured out of my room a little bit on Sunday but Pete became too nervous that I was spreading germs everywhere that he felt better if I hung out in our bedroom. Funny, I thought that a few days of relaxing and watching tv would have felt better. I had a few things against me though, I felt awful, I could not sleep, and there is nothing on tv. Audrey got the cold part of what I had. Sunday she woke up with her barky cough (not rare for Audrey, thought to be due to her reflux) and Monday had a really runny nose. Tuesday she ran a temp and by Wed the fever was gone, by Thursday she was well on her way to kicking the cold. Pete did a great job with the girls, though there were some rocky spots as Celia tested his limits a bit. Audrey was great for Pete but now is attached to me at all times. So both Audrey and I are getting over this thing. The antibiotic has ruined my appetite and so I will be glad to be done with it, I think on Tuesday. I did miss the girls while I was tucked away in misery.
I have no idea why the tongue, she just stuck it out.

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