Friday, March 22, 2013


The bottom is how I feel this week and maybe how Audrey has felt.  Audrey has had a cold for 2 weeks.  This past Saturday she also got the stomach bug.  We did not get any sleep Saturday night and of course she was not at all happy!  It was pathetic, she was so thirsty during the process and would beg me for water but I could not give her a whole lot, otherwise it had very bad adverse side effects!!!  By 4 am things were looking up but she was not feeling great the next day.  Now all week she has been Ms. Crankypants.  Audrey has had an awesome few months but my Mom has not been able to see it.  She is visiting right now and really does not believe me that Audrey has improved.  
One of the main issues is that the stomach bug seems to have made her reflux worse and she is in pain.  I thought that maybe she was outgrowing her reflux.  She has an appointment on 4/1 and I was debating on asking the GI doctor if we could trial her without it for awhile.  Well now I am 100% certain that she can not go off of it.  In fact this week it really seems as if the medicine is doing nothing. She has been thirsty frequently, especially at night and I think she is trying to stop the burning.  I am bummed, I do not like the fact that she has been on medicine most of her life but the alternative is of course not great.  
That said, she is driving us all crazy with her moods.  Thank goodness she is cute. 

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