Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Shaving Cream

Celia is certainly more like me in the area of sensory processing.  Audrey is like Pete.  They both do not like to get their hands sticky or messy or feel slippery, slimy textures.  Pete likes to be clean at all times, I suppose not something that is horrible.  I am okay with slippery, slimy textures.  As an adult the appeal of putting my hands in messy materials has decreased a bit primarily by the fact that I now have to be the only one to clean the mess up.  Celia, well, Celia is all about it.  I started doing more activities with sensory items to desensitize Audrey, it has not proved to be terribly successful but Celia has been in heaven.  Our newest find- shaving cream from the dollar store.  I was very excited because the minute Audrey saw the foamy white stuff on a tray she really wanted to play with it.  So I set her up with a tray, she stuck her hand in it and I guess she thought it would just fall off.  It did not and I watched her face get furious.  "Off Mommy, get it off Mommy, I don't like it".  So I let her play in the sink and rinse it off.

Celia on the other hand would have been ecstatic if I had filled a tub with shaving cream and let her roll in it.  A few times she has been upset over little things and she will ask me "Can I please play with the shaving cream, that will make me feel better".  By play, it is not just her hands.  She strips down to her undies and requires a shower afterward.  Hey, whatever works.  After a few minutes of it, whatever has been bothering her seems to disappear.

Do you notice the little bit of shaving cream on her hand and the look of concern?  Oh and notice her haircut.  This was the day they got their hair cut and Audrey looked so cute.  Since then, the hair just has not come together like that.  She has such fine hair that is prone to knots.  Audrey will let me brush her hair though and get those knots out, even if they are tough!

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