Monday, March 18, 2013

Audrey at the sink, Wacky Wednesday, and No Clue

I have always loved pictures of Audrey at the sink.  She has loved being at our powder room sink from the time she was a few months old.  She is now into doing a lot "myself".  I found out that at school she actually wipes her herself, yikes, not ready for that one!!!  Age 3 is when I start that.

The attachment on the faucet is an aqueduct.  My Mom got us 2 from Zulilly.  I think she paid the price on Amazon for two.  I love those GAP pants so much.  Celia wore them and I was afraid Audrey would not be able to wear them.  They are huge on him, she really should not wear them but I was afraid that she might be too big for them next season so I got them out for the last few weeks of cold weather.

I have no clue on earth why Celia was making the face in the first picture.  I do not even know if she knew I took her picture at first.  I think it was over something I said and I chose to ignore it because things were peaceful at the time and I was not going to rock the boat.  Do you love how she is dressed?  It was Wacky Wednesday 2 weeks ago at her school.  Her hair did not look wacky, it looked gorgeous.  In any case, that Monday I told her about Wacky Wednesday and she had a fit.  She was absolutely not dressing wacky, etc.  So she went to school on Tuesday, her teacher mentioned it once, and she agreed.  Striped leggings, polka dot skirt, and flowered top, plus 2 different socks- she looked great.  Actually for some reason, the outfit almost worked.

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