Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Conversations with a 2 yearold

We were in her school parking lot and she started quacking
Me: Audrey that is a crow not a duck
Audrey: Quack, quack, quack. A ducky, right there
Me: No a crow not a duck
Audrey: Right there, ducky Mommy
I ignore it and we go into the school to drop off Celia. After putting her back in the car i hear a true quack. I look around and sure enough some stray duck is off to the side of the parking lot and thanks to me inside the car Audrey is saying, no no ducky, a crow!
So I said, oh it is really a duck
Audrey looked at me and said oh, ok

We tried to call my mom and even as the phone is ringing, Audrey is saying hi Mom Mom. Explaining voice mail to her ia tough.

Audrey: Mom Mom can't hear me
Me: She was not there Audrey, she is in Florida
Audrey: Oh, ok Why
Me: Because she wanted to go
Audrey: Oh, ok, she with Gill?
Me: Yes
Audrey: oh he in Foda
Me: Yes he is in florida too

Then she one by one dropped her remaining lunch on the Florida, as I was emailing my Mom. I say Florida because as she was dropping it she was saying this
Grapies in Foda, bye
Cucumby in Foda, by
Oh more Grapies in Foda

The grapies and cucumbys were picked up in Foda by Audrey and taken to the trashcan.

We were in Wegmans grocery store bathroom
Audrey: Mommy go potty?
Me: yes
Audrey: Mommy poopy?
Me: no, shh
Audrey: Giggling, Mommy toot?
Me: No Audy, stop
Audrey: Mommy, Poopy, toot, lots of giggles
Me: You want a cookie
Audrey: Nodded
me: Then shh
Yes, I went there ( girlfriend also sat through a 90 min meeting with me so deserved it)

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