Saturday, March 16, 2013

consignment shopping

This is boring, but I like saving money, especially on kids clothes.

So it is spring consigning season. At my favorite sale this year I got a few things, primarily for Celia. Some of my favorites were brand new shoes for the Fall for Audrey for $2, a cute old navy dress for Audrey for $2.50 and 2 gymboree capris for Celia for $1 each. I also scored a shirt for myself in the teen section for 50 cents. Here are some pictures of the items. I also got some books, a puzzle, and and 2 games, all for $25 including the clothes. With what we have, I just need some swim items and we are set. Oh and if any Grandma or Mom mom would like to supply a summer pj set for Celia that would be ok. There are still sales going on so I may pick up a few toys or games.

I should note that I actually made around $100 consigning some of our things!!! I am a huge fan right now of store clearances.  I have scored 97 cent long sleeve basic tees for Celia at Old Navy, some were $1.50 but sometimes you have to spend a little extra!!  After Christmas I took advantage of some sales at Gymboree and got some items for her that I absolutely loved but normally would not have bought due to the price.  They have awesome clearances, so does The Children's place.  Last year I was shocked at the price of leggings for Celia, $8 to $10 a pop for something that she often wears out midway through the season (have to say that Celia does tend to be rough on clothes) so I was able to get some on clearance for $2.  The funny thing about sales is that you start to get used to paying very low prices and you pick up an outfit that might be $4 and you question if it is worth it.  I passed up a very adorable new with tags Gymboree outfit for Celia because it was $4 and as I was driving home, I thought, have I gone nuts!!!  But realistically she did not need it.  The Fall sale for this church consignment sale is much bigger but I often find that I seem to sell more at the Spring sale because their is less inventory. I had a 1/2 of the amount that I sold in the Fall yet I only made about $25 less.  

I honestly can not imagine paying a non-sale price for kids clothes.  They discount them so much, it is crazy!!  At Target right now most of the size 5T and under jeans are $1.50 to $3.  They have great clearances too.  

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