Sunday, September 25, 2011

10 Months

Audrey is 10 months, sob, less then 2 months as a stay at home Mom with my two girls.  Ugh...  In anycase, this month has shown as that Audrey is a bit of a trouble maker.  She gets into a lot, more so then Celia ever did.  She gets this little grin on her face before she touches something that she really should not touch.  A few times she has started laughing prior to snatching the tv remote off of the coffee table.  She really likes to test the boundaries when Pete watches her, he has learned that it does not always work to multitask.  Twice now I have caught her playing in the toilet, fun times!! 

She really wants to walk and I think if she realized that while standing up she could just take a few steps, then we would be in trouble.  She can stand on her own for a bit and she can walk while holding my one hand most of the time.  Celia did that for awhile though prior to walking so I am thinking that she will walk right around the time that Celia did.  Audrey is slowly sleeping better.  Lately she has bypassed her normal wake up at 2:30 for 4 or 4:30, this week I am going to insist upon the 4:30 time and then push her the following week to 5 am.  Once she reaches 5 am, I am okay with that.  I will have to get up around that time anyhow for work so i might as well get used to it!!

She is wearing primarily 6 to 9 month clothes, but can still fit into some of her 3 to 6 month clothes. I can even put some 6 to 12 month clothes on her.  Pants are still big in 6 to 9 month sizes, especially if they are carters 9 month pants (really the same as 6 to 9 months).  I have to keep pulling them up during the day, even with her cloth diaper butt. 

Audrey loves to eat and she is able to sign more and eat and a few times I think she has tried to approximate the sign for peas, her current favorite food.  She recently tried my homemade calzones and really loved them too.  The sign for more lately seems to just mean "I want that" because last week she was in the hallway upstairs and signed more to me.  I asked her if she was hungry and she looked at me and signed more, then crawled into the bathroom and stood by the tub and signed more and then looked at it.  She wanted to take a tubby, she loves her tubby.  She loves to cuddle too, she can give you the biggest hugs.

 Look close because our biggest surprise this month was a shiney new tooth!!

As I said, she gets into trouble a lot.  She loves to make messes!!!

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