Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Celia's Birthday Party

 My baby girl turned four a month ago and we had her party on September 10th.  We just had family and our neighbors that are as close to family over for the party.   Next year I think I may skip the party and try for a special event of some sort, taking her to an amusement park or something of that nature.  I am not sure, Celia may have her own preference at that age!!

For her actual birthday, Labor day, we went to my friend's house for a picnic with her family.  She was so incredibly sweet and put candles in the angel food cake for Celia to blow out.  Celia thought it was fantastic.  Pete and I thought it was great that minutes after we drove out of her driveway, both girls were asleep.  Ok, until we got home and Celia was not happy to be woken up!!

I made a birthday banner for her birthday, hopefully one that will be used again and again for a bit.

I made the cake this year again, it was flowers, a girly cake.

Celia enjoyed the party and all of her gifts.  She received everything she wanted.  Mommy and Daddy got her a scooter as her main gift this year.  Mom Mom gave her Blue Berry Muffin, a nail polish kit, and some clothes.  Grandma and Grandpa, Paw Paw, her Great Granny, and her Aunt Susie gave her a lot of goodies.  She has Repunzel, Ariel, bride ariel and prince eric, and a pretty dress.   She also has a sticker book, Mercy Watson books and I really forget now!!  Honestly she made out very well this year!  She also has a talking piggy bank, a build a bear, a bracelet, and new kitties for her dollhouse.  Our neighbors went way overboard for her, and I mean way over board!!  My Celia needs to know she is very loved!  Oh and if you want to see what my sister gave her, go to the My Red Truck blog.  She also received a cute new monogrammed lunch box from my sister and her cousins.

It was a fun time!!

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