Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Our Vacation Pics Etc Part 1, a bit late

It seems like since we came home from vacatio things have just been so busy.  Audrey still does not seem to be back on track and I can not say it is from vacation, I just think she is adjusting her sleep pattern.  Naps have been somewhat short and we are still, still, still working on getting her to sleep through the night.  She is tough.  During vacation she woke up as much as 4 or 5 x some nights and at the least 2x.  It was not fun, being at the beach was a blast, being sleep deprived was not so great.

It is a good thing she is so cute!

So here are the highlights.
Celia, Audrey and I arrived at my Mom's house in Virginia on a Wednesday and we enjoyed the pool, a short visit to Lewis Ginter gardens, and just fun times with Mom Mom.  Pete came down Thursday and left early Saturday morning for the beach.  We arrived on Monday.  This works out well for us because Pete gets some groceries, makes beds, and gets some time to himself.  We go down with no traffic!!  So we had a great time the first week.  Celia was a little fish in the pool and had some fun playing with a little girl named Madeline at the beach.  Audrey loved her peapod tent and had some fun in the sand too.  We had amazing weather, not too hot and it never rained that first week.  Pete left on Sunday to go home.  The next day was the worst weather day, but really it was not bad weather.  It was overcast in the morning that is what I mean by bad weather!!  That was not a great day though as Celia was not in a good mood, throw a major fit in the car as my Mom and I were trying to figure out why my check engine light was on.  I later found out after stressing greatly about it that I just need a new gas gap. 

Audrey in her peapod

Celia enjoying the rocking chair on a Mommy and Celia night out.  I took her to get icecream then we picked out a treasure, the treasured little turtles are no where to be found now!

Celia have an attitude? Nah...

Pete with the girls!
In anycase the next day we had the earthquake, I believe that was on Tuesday.  My Mom was at the beach at the time and the two girls were taking a nap.  I was reading on a chair and I felt the house shake a bit but what I really noticed was the deck shifting from side to side.  I called my Mom and asked if there had been a very bad gust of wind.  She indicated that there had been a slight wind but nothing bad.  I then thought that perhaps Celia was jumping from the windows or something insane.  I was surprised to find that her room was very quiet, she was actually asleep.  A few minutes later, Pete called to tell me that they had an earthquake.  Oh...  I was a bit glad to hear that as at the moment I was contemplating grabbing the kids and leaving the house because evidently a slight gust of wind can move the deck. 
I never post pictures of myself, but here I am in all my glory, in my workout gear.  But see how calm the bay was?  Isn't that pretty?

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