Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Vacation part 2

The pictures do not match up with the paragraphs, just highlights from the trip!

So... the second week we were watching Irene. My Mom and I suspected that on Friday we would be asked to evacuate. Wednesday evening I took Celia to the pool and I talked to one of the staff members who indicated that we would have plenty of notice and that no one was meeting to discuss it until the next day. Ok, sounds good. Well... my Mom received a text from my sister around midnight tell her that all non locals on Duck (where we were staying) were being evacuated Thursday morning. She woke me up at 12:30, about an hour after I had gone to sleep due to Ms. Audrey and a good book. My Mom decided that we should leave then and not risk getting caught in major evacuation traffic. Okey Dokey... So I rushed off to return the double stroller I rented, rushed back, packed the car, woke the kids, and by 2 am we were on our way back to my Mom's house.

Celia thought this experience was the greatest thing on earth. She listened to her CD player, talked to us, at snacks and slept for all of 20 minutes. Audrey was out after an hour. Honestly they both did not seem that phased by the experience. About an hour from my Mom's house I could not drive anymore and my Mom had to take over. I was so tired. When we got back to the house I decided to have Audrey sleep in her own room and Celia and I would sleep together. For some reason Celia back very angry and ended up sleeping on the floor. I am still trying to figure out how that was a punishment to me. We slept for a little over an hour. Yes.. A little over an hour is all it took for Celia to be energized. Needless to say she had some extra tv time that day.

We hung out at my Mom's house for Irene. Celia and I actually went out to hobby lobby just to check it out the morning Irene came to Richmond. We did lose power that evening but it returned midmorning the next day. Celia thought that was great also. We had a great time visiting with my Mom and Monday morning we headed home. It was a good vacation, but I still want my 2 missed days from the beach. I did not get to say goodbye to the beach. The water was even nice this year!! We will be back next year.

It was nice to see Celia have so much fun this year. She was very confused when we got there because we chose a different house. She told me many times that she liked the other house better, primarily because this house had some freaky clowns hanging in the dining area. But the owners of the house actually sent us 2 cheese cakes. One of those cheesecakes was left behind when we evacuated.

Audrey for some odd reason fell asleep quite a few times on my Mom.  She is the only one that Audrey does this too.  She never falls asleep on me anymore!

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