Monday, September 5, 2011

4 Years Old

 I took this picture of your little legs, look at those muscles!  You are so strong.  They help you swim, which you learned how to do this year.
 You love going to Longwood Gardens, especially the tree houses and the childrens indoor garden
Yes you are cute, very cute but you have an attitude

 A big attitude
 You are a bit silly and crazy.  In this picture, you pulled a bean bag onto Mom Mom's guest bed to take a nap.
 You are so pretty
 You are so smart.  You use words like hydrated and enthusiastic.  You know all your letters and sounds.  You can write all your letters and most numbers now.  You even draw peoples and they are not always stick figures.  You love to read chapter books now, but they do have to have some pictures.  Right now, Mercy Watson is your favorite.
You loved the beach this year, you could not get enough of the pool. 

Perhaps, this person is your favorite right now.  The two of you share a mutual love and right now that is great.  I am not expecting it to last, hopefully it will.  But for now you announce proudly that "I am Audrey's favorite" and that is probably the truth.  The two of you laugh and play together.  Of course both of you get a little too rough, one more then the other, but that will work itself out soon, hopefully.

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Girl

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