Thursday, September 22, 2011

Doing the laundry can be fun

Audrey loves to help with laundry.  She is funny, she will lean way in there now and try to find certain items.  Sometimes if she picks the wrong ones she will hand them to me.  One day we actually had a good system going, she would search, hand it to me, I would fold it and by the time I had the item folded she would hand me another.  It was nice.  Then she decided to go searching through the folded clothes and I was not so happy.  It involved me saying no, a certain baby also shaking her head and saying no, and then a certain baby being plopped far away from the laundry basket.

Of course right now laundry is a big pain for us as our washing machine is awaiting a brand new motor that should be here in 2 to 10 days.  Thank goodness for neighbors, otherwise I would be handwashing those diapers which I basically did on the day that the washer broke.  Can you stand the bubble butt in the picture? I love the cloth diaper butt.

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