Friday, September 2, 2011

School Days

School Days have begun for Celia and I am going to miss my little second in command while she is in school (just 3, 1/2 days a week).  Audrey and I will have some bonding time, just the two of us and that will be good.  You know, like right now when I am watching Hoda and Kathy Lee and she is talking to the tv...  Don't judge me, this is the first time I have really been able to watch this in a long time and Audrey is having a blast.  I am also exhausted, Audrey has been getting up 2 to 5 times a night for over 3 weeks.  I am done.

So onto Celia.  Today was her first day in Ms. Anna's classroom.  She was a it nervous and we had some rough points this morning as no one slept well in our house.  Celia got up at 11 pm, due to Audrey, and one time on her own around 4 am.  We had picked out her dress the day before however I guess that we should have also picked out her shoes...

So here was little Miss Celia last year

And here was Celia today

She will turn 4 on Monday and I can not believe it.  I am okay with it though.  I enjoyed her cute little three year oldness but I am ready for it to be done and to see what 4 brings.  Ms. Anna's classroom is a center based preschool classroom and Celia will have lots of fun I am sure.  They follow the creative curriculum, I am not a fan of that particular curriculum but I think that the school does not follow it to the T and the activites seem like fun.  I do love centers in a classroom though, personally I think that is the way to go until you hit upper elementary school.  But that is just my teaching style.

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Jen said...

Bo, Anna & Alex are in school 3 days a week for 1/2 a day. Their teach is Ms. Ann :-)