Sunday, July 26, 2009


The blogging world is again praying for little Stellan. He is not doing well and it is a question of how to treat him next. Please send some thoughts his way.

Prayers for Stellan

We are supposed to be on our family vacation right now however Celia and I are with my Mom and Pete is in the Outer Banks. The start of our vacation has pretty much sucked. I had to have unexpected surgery on Friday (may explain at some point) I was discharged Sat. morning. In anycase this has altered some plans for the future which is frustrating. So tomorrow my Mom, Celia, and I are headed to the Outer Banks for the week. I might not be able to swim but I am going to get as close to swimming as possible. Hopefully by midweek I will be able to swim in the ocean. That is my whole reason for loving the beach. Pete and I, I guess need some happy thoughts sent our way. Things are going to be fine, just rough for a bit.

I will have to say though that after seeing Stellan's update when I got back from the hospital, our issues are definately minor.

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