Friday, July 10, 2009

Elmo and Bert Got Busy

Okay I know, there is something wrong with me, seriously. Celia likes this book called "Fix It Shop". It is about Elmo and Bert standing in as managers at the Fix it Shop for Luis and Maria. The other day I was reading it and I noticed the phrase "Elmo and Bert Got Busy". That produced a fit of laughter that I couldn't stop and an image of Elmo getting busy with Bert. The thought of the furry little monster and the 20 something muppet getting it own is forever implanted in my dirty little mind. I am not sure how it got there as I have read the fix it shop many times for Celia. I shared my perverted thought with Pete and before I even got to the point of explaining why I was reading the Fix it Shop in between snorts of laughter, he said "You never noticed that phrase, the one about getting busy?" Evidently Pete noticed it immediately and I guess he had already imagined the unthinkable scenario. So the book has forever been changed to me and Celia has to warn me not to laugh while reading the book.

Today we took some steps into setting up a play area for Celia in the basement. It isn't going to be anything fancy, just a small spot for her to have some toys. I want to put a bean bag there so she can look at her books. Eventualy I want to paint one of the walls with chalkboard and magnetic paint. My Father in law helped, okay more or less did most of the work. We moved the fridge from a little cut out area in the basement into the laundry room and to make it fit we relocated two cabinets. The laundry room looks great. I had a table in there with my sewing machine and craft supplies. It took up alot more room then I realized and now the laundry room looks more open. I now have to find a buyer for the table, it is a nice table actualy, but we don't need it. So when I get rid of that I can start working on her area. The good thing is in the process of finding room for the things in the laundry area, i have reorganized our storage closets and found alot more room.

I am hoping for a restful night. Celia took forever to get to sleep, went "pee pee" 3x. The last time I swear she only squeezed out one drop just to prove that she really did need to pee. We celebrated today because she pooped on the potty. She has done this before but it has been awhile. So she earned an M&M and some time spent watching Elmo on the computer. She was so proud of herself, however still a bit unsure of the whole pooping on the toilet. We ran to the toilet about 6 x before she informed that she was going to "Poop in here" and went into my closet. I let her know that it wasn't okay (kindly) and put her on the toilet. She was very cute. She spent a good part of the evening putting her dolls on their potty (a pink Ikea bowl that somewhat resembles her own pink potty). They peed and pooped, then received lots of hugs and claps. Glad to see she is enjoying this process!!

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Tasha said...

Okay, I really hope this doesn't freak you out... but I was searching for stuff on the Very Hungry Caterpillar and was directed to Eric Carle's Blog the post dated March 11th. I was reading through the comments and saw you taught a developmental kindergarten class. I will start teaching ages 6-8 this fall. This last year they were combined with PPCD and now they are changing it back to Life Skills 1. When they made this change the PPCD teacher basically took most of the supplies and center stuff for her room. Anyway, I was blessed to be in PPCD the last half of my student teaching and know most of the kids that will be in my room this year. I was wondering if you could share with me some of the things you did through out the year with your students or any advice you have? I am trying to get a head start on planning and figuring out different activities. You can email me at
Once again I really hope this doesn't scare you!