Sunday, July 5, 2009


I made some home made "ogurt", that is what Celia calls "Yogurt". I actualy think she is currently made of 1/4 yogurt with the amount she eats. Making it was very easy actualy!

I put 1/2 gallon whole milk into the crockpot on low for 2 1/2 hrs. After that, I let it rest for 3 hours. I then combined 2 cups of the milk with 1/2 cup yogurt (I used Trader Joe's whole milk vanilla). I then put the mix back in the crockpot, wrapped the crockpot in a damp towel over night. In the morning, there was yogurt- pretty easy!!! I actualy just might try making it in my little dipper. It makes a huge amount, well it makes 1/2 a gallon worth. It keeps for less then 2 weeks. With it that easy, I could make it frequently. I don't imagine that my yogurt buying days are over, but perhaps we won't be going broke by Miss. Celia's yogurt obsession. She sometimes eats 3 containers of "yobaby" a day. If you price that out, a 6 pack of that stuff is sometimes 3.99 in our area! I made less then $2 for the milk and I had the starter yogurt on hand. Now I can use the yogurt I made as a starter. Now I do have to flavor it. I put just a tiny amount of honey in Celia's and I combined some frozen fruit with mine. The yogurt is a bit more runny then what we are used to but neither Celia or I really minded. I also made a smoothie with it this morning, yummy!

So on a side note. A close friend of our family was involved in a terrible accident. I don't know the details, but his neck is broken. It sounds like he is not paralyzed but from what I was told that could change. In anycase, send some thoughts out there. He is a very active man, enjoying retirement, golfing, grandkids, tennis, etc.

Celia has finally cut out her morning nap and Pete is having a difficult time with it, a very difficult time with that reality. I am okay with it honestly. It alters the day some as it isn't as convenient as her previous nap schedule, however most babies change to only 1 nap at age 1, we had nearly an extra year. Of course she didn't nap for the first 8 months of her life, so we disserved the extra time.

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DCMFMCC said...

Hey Carrie.. try putting your yogurt in a coffee filter in a collander, or in cheese cloth and you can loose some of the liquid.. of course if you let it go too long you end up with a soft cheese like consistency... I have also been buying plain greek yogurt (i love it, much creamier) and putting in splenda (or honey) a little vanilla.. and it's awsome.. i usually add some sort of fruit, fresh or frozen.. but try it out...