Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sleeping Naked

This is from yesterday:

Celia is down for her nap, sleeping soundly, buck naked. Yes, that is right, naked. We went to the park with my friend and her 3 year old twins. Celia had a great time but unfortunately after waking up early and playing, she was exhausted. She fell asleep 10 min. from home and I carried her into the house. I attempted to put a diaper on her because she wears one for naps and at night. I should have learned though, don't mess with a sleeping Celia. I was pulling off her shorts and she started to smile, a big huge grin. She has never done this when she is asleep so I assumed she was playing me. So I picked her up, we cuddled and I made the mistake of saying "let's go pee pee before we go up for your nap". I am not sure if it was due to the request that she pee or the mention of her nap that sparked a horrible tantrum. It involved rolling around the floor, yelling at me to not touch her, hitting her stuffed elephant, etc. It wasn't pretty. She did in the midst of it announce by holding her self and racing to the bathroom that she really did have to go pee. She then received a raisin as a treat, I thought we were done with evil Celia- wrong. When I explained that we were going upstairs, she started again.

So we made it upstairs, she explained to me that she was going to "read to self". "No Mommy, I do, you go". As tempting as that offer was, I didn't think that would work. In anycase she ended up in her crib screaming "I no want to take a nap". I rocked her a few times, she nodded off in my arms and then when I put her in her crib, she woke up and informed me that "I no want to take a nap, I wake up". Yeah, I don't think so. After about an hour she zonked out. I checked on her and she had taken off her shirt.

She was not the happiest kid when she woke up either and I did discover a 3rd, possible 4th tooth coming in. So that explains some things!!


Last night was awful, I think I only slept an hour since Celia woke up around 2am. She was a mess. I gave her tylenol but it still didn't seem to help and I don't even know if it was her teeth that were bothering her. I eventualy brought her into bed with me (Pete was sleeping in the basement, his decision, to try to get some sleep). She actualy fell asleep immediatly. I couldn't go to sleep though. She woke up a few times and acted like she was having bad dreams, she would thrash around and then wake up suddenly. So I fell asleep again I think around 4 something and she woke up around 5 am, ready to go. Oh ready to go with the biggest case of "I am really tired, so don't mess with me, you know don't even look at me". She is thankfully taking a morning nap...

Mommy, well I just think this is a summer of sleep deprivation. I haven't been sleeping well and Celia hasn't either. I am hoping for some sleep when we go on vacation.

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