Sunday, August 2, 2009

Back from the Beach

This was Celia showing off one of her 6, 7, or 8 swim suits, I have lost count. I didn't buy her a single one- they were all given to us! The beach was nice and relaxing, despite getting off to a very rocky start. I read through my last email and I should have clarified that I was not allowed to swim- I certainly can swim. I was a competitive swimmer for 15 years, I can swim. Swimming was a "no" for about a week after my surgery. Friday I could have chanced getting in and I did, but didn't really swim. I went in with Pete to test out the great sand bars, but discovered that the water was so very cold that my feet were going numb. I did take Celia in with me at one point and we had some fun. But I decided that it really wasn't worth chancing a side effect if I wasn't truely ready to go in the water, especialy if the water was that cold!!

Pete enjoyed fishing everyday and even got in a 1/2 day fishing charter. We were not really equipped to eat the fish, so it all was thrown back. I was tired during the week but got my energy almost back basically by Friday- the last day, go figure! Celia and I enjoyed a long walk Friday morning. I wish that we had been able to do that everyday. We really debated on bringing our BOB stroller with us. It is my favorite baby purchase and I really hate any other stroller, yes I am a stroller snob when it comes to the BOB. We used it more then just Friday, but I as I was walking with Celia and BOB, I thought that it was worth a cramped car just for that walk. It is so smooth that Celia just relaxes and enjoys the trip.

It is back to real, reality for Pete. He goes back to work tomorrow. I go back to work to as a Summer Stay at home mom! I did have a break for a bit as my Mom helped us out tremendously over the past 2 weeks. We really can't thank her enough. School starts back for me in 4 weeks and I am not looking forward to it. I enjoy my little girl tremendously and I really hope she likes daycare this school year as much as she did last year. I am exploring some part time options still but I think I will utimately be going back to work fulltime for the school year.

The trip to the outerbanks was wonderful, I only wish it was a shorter drive!! Now we get to think about next year's vacation. Hopefully Miss. Celia won't have to pee so very often next year. She is doing amazingly well with toilet training- only 1 true accident the whole entire trip, actualy that was the first in 4 weeks.

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