Friday, July 3, 2009

Beginning of Summer

I can't say that Celia and I have been totally enjoying the start of summer. I had the "plague" that I reported about a couple posts ago. Then Celia got a version of the "plague" that was complicated with an ear infection. My Mom came up the Friday after I was done work and ended up staying for more then a week. She was supposed to stay so that I could get things done around the house. I did for a few days then realized that I still was quite tired and then Celia got sick, so things didn't go as planned. We wish that we could have done some fun things with Mom Mom. In anycase, she was a huge help. My bathrooms and windows have never been so clean. This week, Celia was the one who was very tired and luckily had some good naps. After Celia's fever broke, she gave us major attitude. We were very scared that it was the terrible twos- however it ended up being the terrible bug that was bothering her! After a couple days, some good naps, she was back to her old self. That is not to say that she is an angel, she definately has an attitude.
We have enjoyed playing in our not so little baby pool with our neighbor, doing some extra special shopping for Daddy's birthday, and going to the park. The park wears Celia out, I love the park... I am enjoying being home with her so much! I know I am going back to work but still not sure if I am requesting a transfer. I will definately know more in August.
Sadly, we missed out on seeing my niece Katie in June because of the "plague" that was at our house. However we are in the works on setting up another date for her visit. She stays with us for about a week each summer. I really can't wait because Celia loves to talk to Katie on the phone. Potty training for Celia is going basically okay. She has the pee thing down, pooping is another story. She will poop on the potty, it just isn't her favorite thing. She has gone more lately then she has before, so perhaps it is progress. She still will poop most of the time when she takes her nap. At 22 months, I am okay with that but of course since she is on the pottying track, it would be nice to get both of them to go in the potty. We have had very few "pee" accidents and she is pretty good about holding it when we go out. She doesn't like to use public restaurants, but we have learned that she seems to be good with holding it.
We are spending the 4th at home. We have good friends coming over tonight and Pete's family is coming over on the 4th.
Happy 4th of July!

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