Saturday, February 7, 2009

Savoring Celia and Fears of Ahead

I know I had snow pictures before but I had to add this, I think this is a sweet picture of Miss. Celia. She has had a somewhat rough week, at least the evenings have been rough. It has had to do with naps missed or naps cut short, teething, and a diaper rash. However in between of the moody blues she has been really funning and talking even more. I look so forward to seeing her after work. Once my students leave, I can't wait to get to daycare and give her a hug. For the first time, she is very excited see me. She was always happy to see me but now she runs to me and gives me a big hug! Of course then the fit starts when I try to put her coat on. She wants to do it herself. She gets mad when she finds out she just can't do it herself- but she tries. Celia hasn't bonded yet with the new afternoon teachers/staff that in her room. Her teacher Miss. Jen leaves at 3, or it might be 2:30. In anycase someone different comes in. The regular afternoon girl started Student teaching in January, Celia really loved her. I think that she is actualy missing her and doesn't know how to express it.

We had an interesting day on Wednesday when I discovered that Celia's daycare was closed due to snow. The roads were fine but they follow the area shool district and they closed late. So there I was stuck, needing to go into work and no where for Celia to go. My great neighbor Maria volunteered to watch her. So I took a 1/4 day and Celia spent the afternoon with Maria and her daughter Amber. She didn't get an afternoon nap however she did sleep a bit longer then normal for her morning nap (of course she doesn't get morning naps at daycare).

Celia is saying short phrases now like "Where'd it go?", "Don't touch", "G'bye ____", "Good Girl", etc. It is really neat. I still have tough afternoons with her because she wants to be permanently attached to me and I have things that I need to do. Everyone says, savor it because she won't want to be held pretty soon. They told me that when she was 6 months old, they told me that once she starts walking she would not want to be held... Yeah right.

So what are the fears ahead??? The same that is what everyone is worrying about the stupid economy. It is scary. Pete and I are blessed, we both have jobs. At this point it is making me want to work longer then I thought I would. At least I have the summers with Celia. But I am trying to cut costs, especialy grocery costs. It is tough. I really don't believe the people out there who claim that with proper coupons, etc. that you can cut your grocery costs in 1/2 or more. It doesn't happen for me. One thing I am going to try is to unplug more things around the house. There are alot of things plugged in that we don't use on a regular basis. Of course it is hard when you aren't on the same page as your spouse! I understand it too, it isn't as important to Pete and there is no way to force someone to care about the same things as you. I wanted to try making my own laundry soap. I know some Moms who do and have great success. Pete threw a fit! It would be a cost of about 3 cents a load, that is quite a deal.

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