Friday, February 13, 2009

The Good and the low

Okay I will start out with the Lows of the week:

Celia had a really rought time with the fact that I had to work late this week. She cried for the afternoon girls and had a bad pack and play incident, which I am not going into. In anycase my smiley, happy, little girl is showing another side at daycare!! Evidently Celia thinks that she should be the first to be picked up and gets more and more upset when other kids go home. In the past she has been fine with not leaving first in fact I have arrived occassionally when she is the only one left and enjoying all of the attention!!

I was one of "those" parents in Target today. I had that screaming at the top of the lungs child. The reason I later found out was due to a poopy diaper.

I had to unpack and put away my classroom by myself (with the help of some friendly movers to move the boxes and furniture to my room)

I didn't finish today so I have to go in tomorrow morning

My students can not handle a non-routine "fun day", they really, really, really can not handle it.

I hate Cleartrack, it sucks (Only IEP writers understand what that is)

Pete's allergies were destroying him

I thought I broke my thumb today, I didn't, but it is quite bruised

The Good:

I get paid extra for staying late at work and coming in tomorrow

My new supervisor seems to be great, I feared someone new as my previous supervisor was awesome.

Celia is talking more and does an awesome "E L M O" dance (to the tune of the YMCA).

I have off on Monday

Snow is on the horizon, possibly, happy thoughts for colder weather to support it!

Celia has been well for 2 weeks.

My students are working very hard and really making progress. Two of them are starting to catch on to reading.

We have a relaxing weekend planned

So what's your good and low for the week??

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