Saturday, August 9, 2014


We live close to gardens/mansion called Winterthur.  It is one of the Dupont owned properties.
We actually get in free to Winterthur through a reciprocal membership to another garden.  Any how,  Celia picked that as a trip one Friday and we brought around her Buddy.

They enjoyed watching the fish in the pond in the Enchanted Gardens area. 
Celia's buddy looks like she really belongs with them, same hair color, same eye color, same body type.
In fact I had 2 comments that my girls looked so much a like, ha!

They have a circle of porch swings and Celia had some fun on them.

Going around the maze type thing.  It entertained them.

The favorite spot was the touch it room.
The touch it room that has real ceramic plates.
I get about being realistic however there are some really pretty plastic plates
that may just hold up better in that room!  Celia and her buddy played hard in that room.
Audrey joined them every so often but really had fun serving me food!

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