Thursday, August 28, 2014

Day 7 at the beach

Day 7 was Pete's last day at the beach. He took Audrey and Celia to the pool and then we went out to lunch.  We actually met a family that lived close to us at lunch.  In the afternoon everyone went to the beach and the water was very, very calm. It was strange! It felt like we were in a lake rather then the ocean.  Audrey, Celia, and I hung out for a long time in the water.   Both Audrey and Celia had time on the boogie board.  When Audrey was on the boogie board she tried to tell me that she was okay and that I could leave.  Uh no.

 I have to share a meltdown on camera
 Thinking about the injustice she was facing (there was no chair brought down for her)
 I want my chair
Okay fine, but I am not happy

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Diana Lesjak said...

Oh, so fun to see YOU IN PICTURES!