Sunday, August 31, 2014

Day 8 and 9

Pete left on the morning of day 8 and it just left all of us girls.  Some interesting things happened.

I have no idea, they just played together and then appeared again.
Celia was in pants and Audrey was in Celia's nightgown and something wrapped around her head.

Celia and I had our Mommy and Me outing.  
She got an ice-cream cone that was bigger then her head and loved it.
Mint-Chocolate chip, quite an adult flavor.

The above 2 pictures are of Celia in a hole.
Someone dug a hole and she decided to put her chair in it.
No clue why but it kept her quiet and happy.

So on day 8 Audrey announced every few minutes that Mr. Gill was coming on Tuesday.  She was happy that it was Monday and so she could also say Mr. Gill is coming tomorrow.  He is Mom Mom's friends and the girls really like him.  So on day 8 I was happy to inform Audrey that it was the day of Mr. Gill's arrival.

I took the two of them to the pool in the morning.
I love their little matching suits and Audrey's rare top knot hairdo.
She typically tolerates that for 5 seconds.

The trouble maker

My boogie board star. 

 One of the sandcastles they made with Mr. Gill
The girls making yet another one.
Audrey was in her puddle jumper because she had been in the ocean again with me.
The water was still relatively calm on this day.

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