Monday, August 25, 2014

Day 3 of the beach

The sun came out on day 3 at the beach.  Audrey and I started the day out early by taking a long walk together.  Okay so she road in the BOB while I pushed.  We had some stares as I was pushing a child eating a banana, wearing a hello kitty nightgown with hello kitty undies peeking out, and red fleece striped slippers.  She looked cute but interesting especially with the fleece slippers as it was not in the least bit cold.
I caught the sunrise in the morning

Celia did not waste time pulling the tube down to the waves.
The only problem was that the storm the day before brought in frigid water temps.

Not sure why Audrey all of a sudden had an issue with the beach today.
But she did and then got over it quickly.

 Audrey reminding Celia of the dangers in the water.
 Audrey following everything Celia does.
 I filled that bucket up 1, 597 times so she could play in the water and 
keep her precious hands and feet clean.  I finally gave up and told her to go down to the water.
My pretty little almost 7 year old.

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